MARC INGEGNO Company is certifying with EASA for Part 21 with the aim to design and produce wheels and braking system for plane with mass over than 600 Kg, for the Sport Pilot category (general aviation)
The Certification procedure include the realization of test beds accoding to the technical standards for wheels and braking system EASA ETSO C26c, that works in support in the research and development steps for new products.
MARC INGEGNO has been eqipped with many mesouring instruments (digital manometers, durometers etc...) normally employed in analisys and test phases .
Our Technical department use the software listed below for the engineering and desing new products:

Software Descrizione
Esprit Software CAM (5 axis positioned)
Delcam Software CAM (5 assi continuous)
Solidworks Software CAD parametric solid modeler
Cosmosworks Software FEA solver for finite element analysis kinetodynamics