New STS line - simple tubeless system

- developed in 2016 by Marc-Ingegno sas, makes it possible to mount all type of tire from 4 "- 5" - 6 "- 8" as tubeless with maximum safety and simplicity.

The new patented STS technology guarantees the rim, thanks to the containment shoulders specific for all kinds of rubber, a perfect seal. If a puncture occurs, the maintenance is simple and fast; the tire may be replaced with an Allen wrench and inflated without the help of a compressor.

The rim has 3 components machined in ERGAL 7075: one central body unique per tire measurement and 2 modular shoulders, specific for each mounted tire.

In the aeronautical field mounting tubeless tires undoubtedly has at least three advantages: safety (less possibility of punctures), lightness (avoids the need of an air chamber weighing at least 300 grams), affordability (no need to buy the air chamber). But before our rims there were also issues: tires had to be mounted by specialized mechanics who had to insert the tire on the rim by deforming it with high pressure so as to find the correct position; if a puncture did occur, specific equipment was needed to bead break it from the rim; and forced to choose between a few types of specially produced "tubeless" tires.

With our rims, installation is very easy thanks to the dedicated shoulders. Tire do not have to be deformed. No compressors are needed. Maintenance is trivial and may be performed directly on the runway. EVERY tire becomes tubeless. All with maximum safety.

The center cap, CNC, remains fixed and may be customized.

New wheels may be mounted with the standard Marc-Ingegno calipers: fixed or floating. An innovative multi-disc, six-piston braking system was also designed making it more efficient, lighter and more compact as well as modular depending on the weight of the single-rotor or bi-rotor aircrafts  already equipped with an integrated axle.

The new braking system part of the STS project has been designed to achieve a smaller mass and at the same time, to guarantee the best braking possible. It has a central body which houses the six-pistons which rest on a parcel of two steel disks and a third, covered with friction material on both sides. A system of springs inserted between the discs makes it possible for them to widen, thus avoiding the wheel to remain braking when the brake is released. The axle is integrated into the brake body made from a single block of Ergal. The advantages are evident: easy installation and a considerable reduction in weight, as well as the cost since it has already been included in the price of the kit.


-          Light

-          Super Performing, the friction material has a greater surface area than a classic braking system; get the same braking torque with half the hydraulic pressure

-          Compact, everything is housed in the thickness of the rim; no obstacles are exposed to the aircraft's airflow

-          Two separate brake lines are possible, one dedicated to only the parking brake (braking at at a fixed point) and a second circuit for normal use - the simultaneous use of the two circuits is particularly suitable for testing at a fixed point and for aircrafts with particularly energetic engines.

-          If mounting skis, using STS technology rims and a multi-disc braking system, it is no longer necessary to disassemble the brakes and draining the braking circuit; the rim will only need to be replaced when necessary

 Kit  6” x 130 bushwheel STS SYSTEM series            WEIGHT KG 2.832    each wheel with a complete axle

as compared with

kit 6”x130 bushwheel 010102500 REV2                           WEIGHT KG 4.780    each wheel with a complete axle

 WEIGHT SAVED  KG 3.896 per plane